This letter from the History Channel people was mailed to us recently. It has been retyped for clarity. 

March 20, 2009

Barbara and John Williamson 
5820 Mission Rd.
Fallon, NV 89406

Dear John and Barbara,

Thank you so much for allowing us to come out to Fallon on Tuesday to interview you both for our upcoming History Channel documentary on 1969. And thanks even more for sharing not just your time but also your memories.

Thanks to you, I should be able to give my viewers a clearer idea of what made both 1969 and Sandstone so important. Your insights into what you hoped to achieve there will help me reach my goal of making it clear that the sexual changes rocking America in that fateful year weren’t just about having a good time, they were about changing the world.

On the personal side, I also enjoyed meeting both of you very much, and was delighted to meet Peggy Sue and all the other four-legged members of your Tiger Touch family too. One doesn’t get many chances in this life to pet a Siberian Lynx.

As I believe I mentioned, the documentary is scheduled to air sometime in August. We’ll let you know the exact date in advance, and will then send you your own copy as a small token of our appreciation. In the meantime, thanks again for participating. We couldn’t do our work without wonderful people like you.


(Signed) Mark Page
Producer, Telling Pictures

From book titled "Under Cover" by E. Howard Hunt. Page 161

An example of FBI lassitude -- and inexactitude -- in its coverage of Daniel Ellsberg arrived at Room 16 in the form of a report from a highly rated Bureau informant stating that Ellsberg and his wife, Patricia, took part in orgies at the Sandstone Club in Los Angeles. A telephone check by Liddy and myself failed to locate the Sandstone Club, so the bureau was asked for more details: Location, membership, etc. No response from the FBI was ever forthcoming. However, in late 1972 a magazine article described Sandstone as a reputable and legitimate institution for the group treatment of sexual dysfunction -- hardly the orgy club reported by the FBI.