There have been many common misperceptions over the past forty years about "Sandstone" the place and retreat. We hope to remedy some of those on this site.  It’s been a long road and it's time for Straight Talk. 

To begin with, Sandstone was properly identified as "Sandstone Foundation For Community Systems Research," a not for profit organization founded by John and Barbara Williamson in 1969 with a singular purpose of reducing population growth.

As founders we received most of the media attention. Fortunately, it was almost exclusively focused on Sandstone Retreat, the most visible aspect of our activities. However, all were concerned with sexuality, culture, population growth and the future. 

So it was no surprise but just as well that other aspects of our work went unnoticed by a media mainly interested in sex as titillation and sensation. Believing they already had the answers, no media ever asked us “why” until the History Channel posed such a question to us early in 2009. For such astute people, we agreed to tell all.
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John and Barbara's story and Sandstone Retreat, known as the hub of the sexual revolution. This book commemorates the all important sexual revolution of the 60's and 70's
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